(quora)What are important things and advice to know that people generally aren’t told about?



  • Marry your best friend: If the person you’re the most comfortable with isn’t your spouse, make them! (Assuming this person is not your family member)
  • Don’t try and be a “grown up”: Always have fun (without drugs or alcohol). Mud-wrestle, sing, pillow-fight, any age.
  • Don’t stop learning: If you start coasting through life, you’re gonna lose. Always stretch your intellect.
  • Don’t always try to be original: Just tell the story or paint the canvas or whatever.
  • Focusing on “fairness” will lead to stagnation.
  • If you’re not failing, you’re doing it wrong. (It’s OK to make mistakes.)
  • Don’t try and reason with mindless, irrational people.
  • Don’t stress yourself out with news and “staying informed” too much.
  • Do something that’s not for money.
  • The key to happiness is BUILDING stuff, not GETTING stuff.
  • True love and a good marriage involve a lot of fighting, not serenity.
  • Time passes by a lot faster than you’d think. This effect accelerates with age.
  • Wealth is relatively unimportant.
  • Some things can’t be learned; they can only be experienced.
  • Figure out who you are, then ACCEPT that person, and then BE that person.
  • Don’t wait for permission. Give yourself the okay.
  • Don’t lie to yourself.
  • Forgive as much as possible. Grudges achieve little.
  • Be humble (especially to the “little” people).
  • You and you alone control how happy you allow yourself to be.
  • Find a mentor and BE a mentor.
  • Find what you like and let it kill you.
  • If you have to go to the bathroom, stop what you are doing and go. Don’t try to “hold it.”
  • You don’t have to eat everything that’s on your plate.
  • You don’t have to pick up a phone that’s ringing.
  • Flossing teeth is very important.
  • Always take action on things. People regret inaction more than action


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